Mark Fukuhara


Mark Fukuhara is a consultant for Employee Benefit Consulting LLC (EBC). Prior to joining EBC, he was the VP of Hawaii Operations for Hawaii-Mainland Administrators. With a career spanning more than 30 years in Hawaii’s healthcare industry, Mark is uniquely qualified to provide analysis and insights regarding single and multi-employer benefit plans, both self-funded and fully-insured. In addition, he has a wide ranging experience in the healthcare arena, giving him the perspective from the standpoint of insurance carriers/health plans, employers, third party administrators, benefits consultants and providers. Mark has had previous CEO/Administrator experience at Akamai Benefit Consultants, the Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund, Washington Counties Insurance Fund and Kahuku Hospital. In addition, he has served as Chief Operating Officer at Hawaii Dental Service and Royal Insurance Agency.

In 2018, Mark became a certified broker/consultant for Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans offered in Hawaii by Humana, United Healthcare and Aetna. He analyzes, educates and advises employees and individuals on what Medicare options best meet their needs and budgets