Employee Benefit Consulting LLC was founded by Laudra Eber in 1987 after 10 years in the insurance business in Hawaii and California working for a multi-national insurance company, a domestic carrier and a brokerage house.


Laudra Eber is well known in the community for her extensive knowledge of medical insurance plans. She is a Charter Member of the Hawaii Association of Health Underwriters and served on the board for fifteen years. She holds a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist* (CEBS) designation and has also served on the board for that association. She currently serves as one of the 7 commissioners of the Hawaii PrePaid Health Insurance Advisory Council, having been appointed in 2004 by the then Director of the Department of Labor.


Lachelle Rodrigues is a graduate of Hawaii Pacific University and joined EBC in 2004, having worked part-time in insurance during her undergraduate years. She is also a member of HAHU and is working on her professional designation. She is the primary administrator and "go-to" person working on premium and claims problems. She has experience in open enrollment meetings and helping new small group clients figure out their insurance requirements.


Joni Tamayo-Wilson joined the team in 2011 after many years in the insurance industry. She is a member of HAHU and served two terms as that organization's president. Joni worked for one of the few health insurance Plan Providers in the state as well as two national brokerage houses. Her specialty is large group underwriting and financial analysis. She has experience in advising clients on fully insured, alternate funding and self-insured options. Her medical underwriting experience has proven to be an advantage to negotiate premium increases with the health insurance Plan Providers on behalf of our clients.

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Lachelle Rodrigues

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Joni Tamayo-Wilson

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*CEBS is a professional designation awarded by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to those who have completed a proscribed course of study in employee benefit planning.


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